Call for Papers

Society 5.0 is characterized by digitalization which is not only in the industrial sector, but also in all aspects of human life, including education. students must be more adaptive and always ready to face the society 5.0 era. The students need to be prepared and upgraded their competencies, such as having strong characters especially in leadership skill, IT literacy skill as the main feature of the society 5.0 era, foreign language skill especially english, and writing skills. therefore, it is highly helpful to have conference talking about innovation in islamic education. hereby, we invite educators, researchers, academic, graduate students, and policy makers to take part in the 4th international conference on education (ICoE-4) 2019 hosted by the Faculty of Tarbiyah and Teacher Training, IAIN Batusangkar. The conference will be held on september 25th-26th , 2019 with the theme "innovation in islamic education:challenges and readiness in society 5.0"


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