Call for Papers

In a digital age, teachers are surrounded, indeed, immersed in technology. They have to sail through the 21st century with a massive challenge of change in technology. Thus, teachers need to transform themselves into digital teachers. It means teachers can embrace technology in the classroom. Digital teachers must have digital skills; most knowledge-based activities depend heavily on the use of technology. Therefore, it is highly helpful to have conference talking about “Digital Teachers”. Hereby, we invite educators, researches, academics, graduate students and policy makers to take part in The 3rd International Conference on Education (ICoE-3) 2018, hosted by Faculty of Tarbiyah and Teacher Training, Institut Agama Islam Negeri Batusangkar. This conference is the continuation of the International seminar on Education (IsoE) which have been anually held for two times until 2017. The conference will be held on September 12th-13rd, 2018 with the theme: “Teachers in the Digital Age”.


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